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Covid-19 ( Suspected peoples, worldwide infected & death toll )

Covid-19 stands for Coronavirus disease, and 19 indicates the year 2019. The first case of Covid-19 was reported in Wuhan, city of China in December 2019. Since then this deadly virus is spreading all around the world, causing infections and is reported as more dangerous for elderly persons. It’s been a year now since the origin of this virus. At the same time efforts are being made for making its vaccine. Some international companies have claimed that their vaccine is ready to serve the people. Pfizer is the top listed company among these companies claiming the vaccine of CoronaVirus. 

Effects of CoronaVirus 

CoronaVirus has affected a great mass of the population. It has left the world economy at its lowest rate. Many big countries are having a negative growth rate just due to coronavirus. People around the globe remained in a lockdown condition for more than 6 months. After that, there was a decrease in the spreading rate of the virus, but with the approaching winter coronavirus again started to spread at a higher rate and this is called the second wave of coronavirus. Countries are now again moving towards lockdown conditions and the economy will get further low insight. 

The death toll and infected persons : 

Worldwide coronavirus cases are being observed and if we look at the current condition of coronavirus the stats seem horrible. Up till now, 63,892,165 cases have been reported around the globe. If we look at the deaths these are about 1,480,163. The lucky patients who fought with this virus and got recovered are about 44,228,642 in number. Currently, the infected patients are 18,183,360 out of which 18,077,460 are in mild condition while 105,900 are in critical condition. The insight has shown that the virus is spreading more and more day by day. The graph of infected and dying people is increasing every day. 

Countries most affected by Coronavirus : 

Coronavirus was first reported in China but they have dealt with it in a great way. They have eradicated the virus to a great extent from their country. Now they are helping the countries to get rid of this fatal virus. 

Here is the list of the top 5 countries that are affected greatly by viruses. 

1. America

America is ranked first in terms of being affected by this fatal virus. In America, 13,952,917 cases were reported. A great number of people died and the bad effect on the economy was also seen in the past few months. People are locked down in their homes and are compelled to do their jobs online. 

2. India :

A second rank India stands, 9,484,506 people up till now are affected by this fatal virus. An immediate lockdown call from the government caused anxiety among the people which became the root cause of spreading this disease up to a great mark. 

3. Brazil : 

Brazil is a country which is not having a strong economy. Therefore, the situation there is going worse after this pandemic hit. 6,344,345 people were affected by this pandemic. 

4. Russia : 

The situation of a pandemic is worst worldwide but getting severe in Russia. As per reports, 2,322,056 people got affected by this pandemic. 

5. France : 

The fifth most affected country by this virus in France. People are in a lockdown situation, downfall in the economy, stock exchange. Depression is a common observation around the globe due to this pandemic. About 2,222,488 people got affected by this virus. 

Safety precautions : 

World health organization has provided some safety precautions that one can practice to keep himself safe from this virus. They are being followed worldwide and are as follow: 

1. Wash your hands. 

2. If you cough or sneeze do it in your bent elbow, doing it on your hands is not recommended. 

3. Touching any part of your face is strictly forbidden. 

4. Limit your gatherings and avoid crowded places. 

5. Keep distance from sick people. 

6. Disinfect surfaces and other parts that you touch frequently. 

These SOPs must be followed to keep yourself healthy. Alongside, these recommended healthy diet plans must be followed to keep your immune system strong. 

CoronaVirus is spreading at a rapid speed worldwide. One can keep himself safe only by following SOPs. Therefore, follow the instructions and remain at home, and don’t go outside until it is too much necessary. We hope this article will find you in the best of your health…!


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