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Improve Your VPN Strength

VPN is a short form of a virtual private network. This helps you to get access to the restricted sites in your region. It also assists in protecting your browsing history. Daily millions of people use VPN and they commonly face the problem of slow running VPN service. Therefore, we have come up with some tips which will help you to improve your VPN strength

Following are some of the tips which will help you to fix your slow VPN service.

 • Switch Servers:- 

Observations have shown that the most common cause of a slow VPN connection is its VPN servers. The first cause can be a large distance, it can affect your VPN connection badly. More the distance your data will have to travel, this will cause a slow VPN service. Thus, choose a server that is closer to your location. This will help you to improve your VPN strength. 

In case you are already using the nearest connection, then try out some other VPN servers to check out which server is working best. You may need to switch servers multiple times to find the best server with the most powerful connection. 

Change Protocol : 

If your VPN server speed is slow then change the protocol. This will help you to get a better connection. VPN service providers use multiple combinations of protocols. As every combination is made up of different protocols, thus by changing protocols one can strengthen his VPN connection. 

Protocols settings : 

In some cases, we prefer to change protocols entirely, but one can also change protocol settings which assist in getting a better speed of a VPN server. 

Switch VPN software : 

Another remedy to your slow VPN connection is switching your VPN software. The existing software which is providing you with the service may be disturbed by the device settings. Therefore, trying out different VPN software can help you to increase the VPN speed. 

Internet connection : 

The Internet connection can be one of the major reasons to have a slow VPN service. Get your internet disconnected from the VPN service. Then check out the speed of the internet connection, if your internet connection is weak and is not up to the mark then it is the basic reason behind slow VPN service. Before considering this option try out the above-mentioned

reasons. If those reasons are not affecting your VPN service then it is the internet connection that is putting your VPN server slow. 

Check your system : 

Sometimes your system might be slow because you are running too many applications around. More background applications less will be the running speed of your device and thus definitely impact your VPN running service. Therefore, remove background playing applications and this will add to increase your VPN speed. 

Usage of wired internet connection : 

For a better running speed of VPN, try out a wired internet connection. Mobile data can be slow because of multiple reasons. Therefore, getting yourself connected with a wired internet connection will give you a faster connection and ultimately helps you to run VPN smoothly. 

Try Any other VPN service: 

After applying all the above remedies if still, you are not getting a good VPN service then switch your VPN service. Take time and search for the best VPN service provider then switch to that service that is best in your region. 

Therefore, all the above-mentioned points will help you in improving your VPN strength. 

Advantages of VPN :

Following are the advantages of using a VPN service. 

1. Helps you to approach blocked sites. 

2. It hides your identity on the internet. 

3. It helps in securing your internet connections. 

4. VPN stops the intentional slowing of internet connection. 

5. It filters annoying networks. 

6. It helps the user to do safe downloading from the internet. 

7. VPN provides a better gaming experience. 

As there are some merits and demerits of everything. Therefore, VPN service has some advantages which were discussed above, while it also has some disadvantages which are as follows. 

Disadvantages Of VPN : 

● VPN slows the speed of your internet connection. 

● VPN is being used for illegal purposes. 

● One doesn’t know how strong encryption is provided by VPN. ● VPN can break the connection. 

● VPN service can be harmful. 

● VPN can slow down your mobile phone.

● Free VPN can be sometimes bad for you. 

Thus these are some disadvantages of the VPN. 

Takeaway : VPN is of great importance. We have discussed in detail how you can improve your VPN strength, its advantages, and its disadvantages.


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