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What is Bot Management & how it works?


Technology is getting advanced day by day. New techniques and devices are introduced in this modern world. These techniques can be used for good or bad purposes. A bot is a digital tool that is used for getting benefits or provide harm to others. There are good bots which carry out useful tasks and bad bots are used for spying, spamming, hacking, interrupting, etc. 

According to research, up to half of the internet traffic is made up of bots. They are carrying out specific tasks; for example, assisting with search engine optimization, automatic customer service, etc. Bad bots carry out hacking, send spam, to accomplish other harmful acts. These enter your computer via downloads or links. You want to protect your computer from these harmful bots. So, keep reading this till the end. 

What is bot management?

 Bot management is a strategy used to filter which bots are allowed to access your website. They are designed to detect bot activities and the nature of the activities. If this strategy is not in your computer then you have a high chance to get trap by harmful bots. Some bots try to steal your credentials or system files. So, you should have this bot management! Bot management as a part of your system security and operations processes is recommended for every organization. 

 This uses a high range of security, web development technologies, etc. To precisely assess bots also block malicious activities while allowing legitimate bots to work uninterrupted. It includes user behavioral analytics (UBA), Web Application Firewalls (WAP), bot pattern databases to block unwanted bots based on real-time analysis or business rules. 

 Bot Manager:

 It is any software product that manages bots. They block or allow some bots by checking them. This identifies bots or human visitors, Ip addresses, rates a limit for bots, serves alternative content to bots, etc. Every bot management has an exceptional also precisely working bot managers. These help to detect which bot is good or bad. They permit good bots and stops bad bots from working. Bot manager does its job very accurately also remarkably.    

 How does bot management work?

 The techniques of bot management have evolved to match the capabilities also uses of bots by attackers. Nowadays, modern bot management confronts a dual challenge such as recognizing malicious bots from legitimate bots. This is very essential and important for an organization’s day-by-day operations. 

 There are three kinds of approaches that are used by bot management:

 Behavioral Approach:

 It evaluates the working of potential users and matches this working against known prototypes to verify user identity. It uses many profiles to sort out and distinguish between good or bad bots.

 Static Approach:

 This approach uses static analysis tools to distinguish header information also web requests to relate with malicious bots. It is a passive technique and only detects active bots. 

 Challenge-based Approach:

 This is one of the remarkable approaches as it uses active challenges or tests. The most common used challenges include CAPTCHA verification. Also, it can run JavaScript.  

When a malicious bot is detected then it is redirected to another page or is blocked from accessing a website altogether. Some bot management uses a robots.txt file to set up a trap. By tracking the Ip address of the bots that gets trapped then they can be blocked easily also quickly. 

 Bot management works to help a variety of attacks such as DDoS attacks (uses networks of bots to make sites or services unavailable), credential stuffing (steals to access user accounts), password cracking, data scraping, ad fraud, click fraud, shopping cart stuffing and much more. This bot management accomplishes these by identifying bot activities, distinguishing between good or bad bots also sources of the undesirable working of bots. 

 If your system does not have any bot management then you are in big trouble. Because if traffic is unchecked allowed to your website then you will lose your credentials or systems data. Therefore, you should use bot management to protect your computer. Bot management prevents every type of DDoS attack by not allowing access to your website and network infrastructure. Safeguard your applications by using WAF (Website Application Firewall).   

 When you use bot management then your system will work accurately by not getting trapped by bots. Therefore, you can enjoy your activities without any hesitation. So, what are you waiting for? Start using the bot management.  Then you can undoubtedly use your system or visit any website. HURRY UP! 


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