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Monthly Archives: October, 2021

How to move files from Android to Apple Phones

Inspiring by the latest features of Apple or iPhone, many Android users have been planning to buy a new one to replace their old Android phones, such as Huawei Mate 9 or Samsung Galaxy S8, etc. But it is not easy to switch from Android to iPhones because android users have to adapt themselves to a new and different operating system. So the first problem that the user will face is that "how to transfer files from Android to Apple phones.

A good health is the result of good food intake and nutrition

Good food means good nutrition. By eating good food we can get rid of many health issues. To enjoy a good health, we should focus on our food that we are going to eat. Protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, and minerals are some important nutrients that we should include in our food. We should include natural food in our nutrition. Our daily food should include vegetable and fruits.

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