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How to move files from Android to Apple Phones

Inspiring by the latest features of Apple or iPhone, many Android users have been planning to buy a new one to replace their old Android phones, such as Huawei Mate 9 or Samsung Galaxy S8, etc. But it is not easy to switch from Android to iPhones because android users have to adapt themselves to a new and different operating system. So the first problem that the user will face is that “how to transfer files from Android to Apple phones.


Different Ways to Transfer files:

There are other ways to transfer data from Android to Apple devices.

1.    Backup and Restore.

                                                     You can only use this way when you have one phone in your hand. You have to back up your data on you android phone to the computer and then restore it to your iPhone

2.    Via Mobile Trans -Phone transfer.

Mobile Trans Phone Transfer can transfer contacts on social media platforms such as Face book, Twitter, Google, and any other account supported by your android phone. It is the easiest ways to switch Android to iPhone in just one click.

  • You can quickly transfer data between phones running Android, IOS, and Windows systems.
  • Transfer different kinds of data, including Contacts, Photos, Your music, Notes, and many more.
  • It is the easiest and super fast way to transfer your data from Android to Apple devices.
  • Move safely without deleting original data.
  • It works perfectly for all types of phones and tablets.

3.    Transfer files from Android to Apple Phones By syncing your contacts:

                                                                     Contacts are the important content in the phone for Smartphone users. So if there is a failure to transfer contacts from one device to the other, it could bother the user very much. And besides all, the worst thing is that you have to ask each of your friends their number and add them to your iPhone one by one. But now, it is straightforward because nowadays, you have Google accounts to guarantee a secure and easy contacts transfer from one device to the other.

Step 1: First of all, tap “Accounts” on you old android Phone>> “Google Accounts”>” Google” to log in to you Google Account, Then on the “Syncing function” to sync all your contacts of your Google account. Step 2:  Secondly, Tap on “Settings” on your new iPhone   >Contacts”>”Accounts”> “Add Accounts” and select the Google logo to log in to your Gmail on your iPhone.

4.    Select “Phone Transfer” Features:


Select the “Phone transfer” mode in the main window, and you will see the following program

Source: https://mobiletrans.wondershare.com/iphone-transfer/transfer-between-iphone-and-winphone.html

Now use the flip button to switch your phones’ places and make sure that the iPhone is your destination phone.

5.    Data Transfer via Apps:

If you want to share your party pictures or videos with your friends or an audio file with your office colleagues, you can also use different apps to move files from Android phones to iPhone and vice versa.

Share it:

                               It is the most popular app used in sharing files on both Android and iPhone. Share it assigns the name of your phone as your contact name, and you can also change your name and avatar while using this app.

How does it work?

                                 It creates a hotspot network to share files. You need to tap on the send and receive buttons on the receptive phones or devices then choose to connect to iPhone. You can transfer all types of files from your Android to iPhone through this app.

Xender App:

                              It is another file-sharing app with a simple, user-friendly interface. Xender shows all types of files on the home screen of the app in various categories. Just tap on send and receive buttons to share files and further tap to connect with iPhone.

 Xender does not require any internet connection. However, the Android and iPhone should be on the same Wi-Fi network. You can share all types of documents, audio, photos, and many more

FEEM V4 App:

                                          Feem   V4 is one of the simplest apps to transfer files or data. It doesn’t require any internet connection; however, you have to connect to the same Wi-Fi on iPhone and Android Phones.

How does it work?

After connection, Open the Feem V4 app, and you will see a weird device names list as the name can get confusing so that you can change it, but this feature is limited to its paid version.

  • First of all, tap on the device through which you want to share files.
  • Please choose the desired file; after choosing, it will appear on your iPhone.

6.    Transfer Files From Android to iPhone Via Bluetooth:

                   There are three different ways to transfer your files from your android phone to your iPhone.

  • Open the file manager from your android phone and select the file you want to share. Select share>Bluetooth.
  • Open the file manager from the window of your android Phone, right-click the required file, and select Send to Bluetooth.
  • From IOS: Open the files app, locate your files and choose share > AirDrop.


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