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Types of Basic computer parts

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A computer is an electronic machine that controls data or information. It can store, recover, and process information known as a computer.

Types of computers:

  •  Supercomputers
  •   Mainframe
  •  Server computer
  •  Workstation computer
  • Personal computer
  • Microcontroller
  • Smartphone

1. Supercomputers:

The supercomputer, any of a class of very incredible PCs. The term is regularly apply to the quicker superior exhibition frameworks accessible randomly. Such PCs utilized principally for analytical and designing work requiring high-velocity calculations.



most elevated point Supercomputer. 

Sierra Supercomputer. 

Sunway TaihuLight Supercomputer. 

Tianhe-2 Supercomputer. 

Frontera Supercomputer. Occasions of concentrated PC PCs join the IBM zSeries, System z9, and System z10 servers.

2. Mainframe:

Centralized servers (likewise called “enormous iron”)are excellent PCs for massive data handling occupations. Government establishments and enormous organizations utilize them for registration, industry and shopper measurements, endeavor asset arranging, and monetary exchange handling.



Occurrences of brought together PC PCs fuse the IBM zSeries, System z9, and System z10 servers.

 3. Server computer:

A server is a PC associated with different workstations called ‘customers.’ Customer PCs demand data from the server over the organization. Servers will generally have more capacity, memory, and handling power than typical workstations.


Servers are PCs that run administrations to serve the requirements of different PCs.There are, for instance, home media servers, web servers, and print servers. There are additional document servers and information-based servers.

4. Workstation Computer:

A workstation is an excellent PC except for particular or intelligent applications. Expected principally to be utilize by each individual in turn, they are usually associate with a

neighborhood and run multi-client working frameworks.

 Use of Workstation Computer:

Standard workstations incorporate PC helped plan (CAD), 3D illustrations and movement, video and sound creation, climate displaying, further reproductions, and analytical work.


An excellent Windows PC that can be utilize to run complex data set projects illustrates a workstation. A desk area where you play out your occupation represents a workstation. An individual’s workspace, including furniture, machines, and so forth; regularly, specific., such as a region with a terminal or PC.

5. Personal computer PC:

A PC is a multi-reason PC whose size, limits, and worth making it useful for individual use. Personal computers are planned to be worked straight by an end client, rather than by a unique computer master or professional.


The meaning of a PC is a tiny PC with a chip intended for use by a person. An illustration of PCs is workstations utilized in homes, schools, and private companies.

6. Microcontroller:

A microcontroller is a tiny PC on a solitary metal-oxide-semiconductor incorporated circuit chip. A microcontroller contains one CPU alongside memory and programmable info/yield peripherals.


For instance, Intel 8031 and 8051 are eight-piece microcontrollers.16-bit microcontrollers − This kind of microcontroller is utilized to perform number juggling and consistent activities where higher exactness and execution are required.

Types of Microcontroller:

Benefits. A microcontroller is a modest and insignificant size, simple to complete.

PIC Microcontroller

ARM Microcontroller 

AVR Microcontroller 

MSP Microcontroller

1.PIC Microcontroller:

PIC microcontrollers are utilized in various new applications, for example, cell phones, sound adornments, and progressed clinical gadgets. Multiple PICs are available in the market, going from PIC16F84 to PIC16C84. These kinds of PICs are reasonable blaze PICs.

2. ARM Microcontroller:

The ARM cortex microcontroller is a 32-bit microcontroller. In this manner, all directions are 32-digit long, executed in a solitary cycle. It comprises guidance set to play out the number juggling, consistent and boolean tasks. The ARM is a heap store engineering; then, at that point, directions are executed restrictively.

3. AVR Microcontroller:

AVR microcontrollers track down numerous applications as installed frameworks. They are exceptionally usual and instructive.

 Installed applications, advocated by their consideration in a significant number of the Arduino line of open equipment advancement sheets.

4. MSP Microcontroller:

The MSP430 is a 16-digit microcontroller that has various exceptional highlights not regularly accessible with other microcontrollers. Complete framework on a chip incorporates LCD control, ADC, I/O ports, ROM, RAM, fundamental clock, guard dog clock, UART, and so forth.

5. SmartPhone:


A cell phone is a smartphone that can likewise be utilized as a PC. They fill in as a PC yet are cell phones sufficiently small to fit in a client’s hand.


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